Water on the Hill (part 1)

Water on the Hill (Part 2)

Rus Pump

Ferrocement Tank

How to make a water jar

How to Build a Latrine

Hydraulic Ram Pump

Hydraulic Ram Pump

Micro Enterprise Banking

Micro Enterprise

Virgin Coconut Oil

Oil production.

Building bridges

Building a bridge.

Technology on Paper

These are some of the technologies we utilize

and they are also shown in some of

the video’s on this site. You are welcome to

download this information for your own

use and to pass it on to anyone

who may need it at no charge.

We hope to constantly update and

add to this page. If you have other

technologies you think are worthwhile and

field proven, and would like to share them

with others from our site, we are

happy to consider them.

The only thing we ask is that if we

share them on this site, they are able

to be shared with everyone, for the

benefit of those in need at no cost.