About Us

Rus Alit our Founder and Director has more than 30 years experience with Appropriate Technology. Rus has traveled to more than 30 different Nations and many different regions within those nations, serving the poor and needy. Water has been Rus's main focus, however his expertise is extremely broad and often when in a country teaching he will listen to the People's needs and be able to work with them in all sorts of areas such as Roading, Bridge Construction, Agriculture, Building Construction, Farming etc etc.

Rus is married to Made and they have a son, Peter aged 10.
They live part time in Perth, Western Australia, and in Bali, Indonesia during the rest of the year.

Gregg Scott, a New Zealander and small business entrepreneur, has been associated with Rus Alit since 1996 and the early founding of Bali Appropriate Technology Institute. Gregg and Rus met in Kona Hawaii, where Gregg had relocated with his wife, Alison and their 3 children. Gregg was the Director of Operations and Campus Development for a University with a focus on World Mission. Both men had a rural background even though miles apart in time and actual functionality but they became firm friends and Rus began to train and equip Gregg in the different technologies that Rus has become famous for. Some years later when Gregg and his family relocated to Lakeside Montana (with Mission Builders International) they established an office in Montana for Bali Appropriate Technology Institute. Gregg runs that office and travels and teaches the different Appropriate Technologies mostly in developing world settings with the main focus of water and sanitation.  

And about you:
Bali Appropriate Technology Institute is very much a team effort and none of the service to the Poor and Needy spoken about and offered on this site, can happen without the team of Private Individuals and Organizations that stand behind us. Neither Rus nor I (Gregg) are Salary Paid. We raise our own Financial Support and then we raise the funding needed to carry out the Projects in conjunction with the Local Village's we work with. If I was to list each person who has given to this work over the years we would need several pages more and those folks (and organizations) don't want to be listed. They are people from many different walks of life, Singles, Young Married's, Mid Lifers, Prime Timers, and Retired Folks (from different cultures) along with several Foundations, Churches of different Denominations and Community Service Groups who all want to be a part of helping to make our world a better place to live for those who are often listed statisticly as the "Poorest or the Poor".

We want to acknowledge you and say thank you for all you are doing, so that we can do what we do, better. It is truly a privilege to represent you all to the folks we serve.

Gregg Scott,
Jun 8, 2010, 7:40 AM